Grandmother’s Footsteps

See also: 1-2-3 Sun

Players: Bare minimum is 4. If the group is large enough it’s good to split in two and have an audience, as this is a very useful and entertaining game to watch.

One person volunteers to be “the spotter” and takes his place at one end of the room. The players line up along the opposite wall.

When play begins, the players try to be the first to cross the room towards the spotter. But to thwart their progress, every few seconds the spotter turns around. The players have to freeze to avoid detection. Any player the spotter sees moving is called out by name, and has to start again from back at the wall.

The game finishes when a player manages to touch the spotters back. He is declared the winner.


  • If there’s an audience, they should watch from the same side as the spotter, so they can see the faces of the players.
  • At the end of each round, it can be good to point out the varying tactics of the players. This will encourage their playfulness.
  • When the game is over, you can point out to the group that this is a great example of the fixed point. When players are frozen, they are still full of energy and concentrating on the game.