Mr Hit

Players: The whole group. Needs a minimum of about 8 players.

The group stand in a circle, and one person is given the role of “Mr Hit”. It’s the job of Mr Hit to tap another player. They can tap anyone in the circle that they like, crossing to the other side of the circle, or just tapping their neighbour from where they stand. It they walk across the circle to touch someone, they then return back to their own space.

The moment that player is tapped by Mr Hit they must instantly call out the name of another person in the circle. The person who’s name is called then takes on the role of Mr Hit, and play continues.

Thus play continues, with alternate players having to touch someone, or call out a name.

When someone makes a mistake they are out, and must leave the circle.

Play continues until there are only two players left. They are joint winners.

Mr Hit can only be out for the following reason:

  • He says a name instead of going to touch someone.

Players who are touched can be out for the following reasons:

  • They start to move to touch someone instead of calling out a name.
  • They hesitate, or say a name incorrectly.
  • They say the name of the person who is Mr Hit.
  • They say the name of someone who is not in the circle. It might be someone who is already out. But in panic they say the name of someone who was never in the group!
  • They say their own name. It does happen!


  • The group leader is the referee. His decision is final. He can make up new rules at any time to cope with unforeseen mistakes.
  • It’s perfectly possible for the group leader to both take part in the game and be the referee.
  • Mr Hit is allowed to touch the person who called out his name. But the person touched can’t call out the name of the player who is Mr Hit.
  • This is a difficult game to play. So you may want to give players three lives before they are out. Especially when they are new to the game.